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Cosmetic Fillings


A cosmetic filling is a procedure that your dentist carries out to improve the aesthetics and, often, the function of your teeth. The cosmetic filling is made from various materials depending on the location of the tooth and which materials the dentist uses at your office. At Porter Dental we can also use the cosmetic filling to stop the spread of decay and help repair a damaged tooth.

Cosmetic Filling

There are two types of cosmetic filling that people recognize, which are white or metal fillings. The white fillings are made from what’s known as a composite resin, which is a mixture of plastics and glass; whereas amalgam cosmetic fillings are typically made from mercury and an alloy of silver, tin, and copper.

Composite cosmetic fillings are typically used to fill teeth that are visible, and the resin is matched to the natural color of the tooth. This allows the filling to blend in so that anyone looking at the patient’s teeth will not notice that the difference. Amalgam cosmetic fillings are used to restore function to the teeth. Large cavities may lead to a number of oral health issues including further decay, infection, and sensitivity or pain when eating. An amalgam filling helps prevent further damage to the tooth.