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Jaipur Eye & Dental Clinic


Eye care is of paramount importance and Jaipur Eye and Dental Hospital in Jagat Pura, Jaipur is one among the most recognized ophthalmologists the city has. Whether it is an eye infection or a major eye issue, the specialist is experienced to offer the best treatment to tackle the ailment. Right from the stage of prognosis to the treatment, the doctor employs the best of medical practices to make available exemplary patient care and treatment. The clinic stands located at Jagat Pura, an area that is centrally located and can be reached from any and every major part of the city. It can be found at Rohini Nagar, Behind ICICI BANK a popular spot that is easy to locate.

Jaipur Eye and Dental Hospital in Jagat Pura, Jaipur is a revered name in the ophthalmology department in the city. The doctor has a fully equipped facility comprising of advanced medical instruments and facilities to provide the best-in-class treatment to patients. Among the medical facilities and treatments provided by the ophthalmologist are the likes of Uveitis, Eye Surgery, Consultation, Trabeculectomy, Teeth Reshaping, Artificial Teeth, Cataract Surgery among others.